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Addiction Resources Near Federal Way, Washington

Almost 400 King County residents die of a drug overdose every year. If you’re struggling with a substance abuse habit, it’s important to get help.

Every year, nearly 400 King County residents lose their lives to overdoses. It’s clear that local addicts need help.

Many people aren’t aware that there are resources that can help them get sober. There are detox programs, rehab centers, and 12-step organizations that are eager to treat them.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, it’s important to reach out for assistance. We’ve compiled a list of support networks in and around Federal Way that may be able to get you back on the right track.

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs Near Federal Way, WA

Detox is one of the most important stages in recovery. This is the stage in which an addict stops using their drug of choice. Once they stop, their body beings to flush the drug and all chemical byproducts out of their system. 

Without detoxifying, an addict is unable to move forward with the recovery process. However, this step isn’t always easy. Addicts who try to quit cold turkey and get sober on their own often relapse due to withdrawal symptoms. After all, withdrawal symptoms are notoriously unpleasant. 

Professional detox programs help to make the process easier. Using a medical detox technique, they ease the addict’s withdrawal symptoms and ensure their safety. This helps the addict to make it through the detox process without relapsing. 

There are several great detox programs within driving distance of Federal Way. If you or a loved one wants to get clean, we suggest you seek one out. 

Detox doesn’t have to be expensive. Click here to find out if your insurance plan covers the cost of addiction treatment.

Federal Way Addiction Resources

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Federal Way, WA

Rehabilitation is also a crucial step in recovery. This is the stage where the addict transitions from a life of addiction back into a sober lifestyle. 

This transition doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, addicts are too overwhelmed by the idea of seeing life through a clear lens again. Oftentimes, these overwhelming feels lead to relapse. 

Professional rehab centers help to make the transition easier. They work with addicts to develop relapse prevention techniques that help them stay sober in the long run. While rehab doesn’t work for everyone, it enables many people to move forward into happier, healthier lives. 

Want to find a rehab center in Federal Way? You’re in luck! The city is home to some of the best rehab programs in Washington State

Evergreen at Northpoint provides the care and support addicts need to get sober. Learn more about our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs today!

Our Rehab Facility

Evergreen at Northpoint is an intensive outpatient treatment program located in Bellevue, Washington. We provide detox, rehab, and other services that can help you get sober. 

We’re just a 50-minute drive from Federal Way, so give us a call if you need treatment. 

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the oldest addiction support groups in the world. Founded in 1935, this group has helped a countless amount of alcoholics to put their lives back together.

This group holds free, daily meetings in towns and cities all across America. They are also active in some international countries, as well. People come to these meetings to bond with others who are recovering from alcohol addiction

There are many different types of AA meetings. In some meetings, members meditate together. In other meetings, members discuss the Big Book, AA’s primary text. Most meetings involve a group discussion where members talk about their experiences. They open up about how addiction affected their lives and the steps they’re taking to get better. 

At the heart of AA are the Twelve Steps. This is a system designed by Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Steps are intended to help people overcome negative behaviors like drinking, drug use, and other addictions. 

For many people, this program is the key to getting sober. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, it could be a great resource for you.

Trying to find a meeting in your neighborhood? Here are a few you might enjoy:

Sundays @7:00 PM
Federal Way Sunday Step
Christ Lutheran Church
2501 Southwest 320th Street
Federal Way, Washington 98023
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Tuesdays @8:00 PM
Federal Way Tuesday Night Study
Calvary Lutheran Church
2415 South 320th Street
Federal Way, Washington 98003
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Fridays @8:00 PM
Grupo Primero Es Lo Primero
Church of Christ
30012 Military Road South
Federal Way, Washington 98003
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Saturdays @7:00 PM
Just4Today Speaker Meeting
Brooklake Church
629 South 356th Street
Federal Way, Washington 98003
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Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is another popular support group. It operates similarly to AA and also uses the 12-step model. However, whereas AA caters to alcoholics, this program is designed for people who use other drugs. 

The group doesn’t care about which drug a member uses. There are heroin addictscrystal meth addicts, and cocaine addicts in this program. There are also people who are addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, and a range of other substances. As long as an addict demonstrates the desire to get clean, the group welcomes them with open arms. 

There is a large, tight-knit NA community in Federal Way. The organization is always eager to connect with new people. If you’re struggling with drug addiction and you’ve decided it’s time to get clean, you may want to check out a meeting. The group will be happy to have you.

Here are a few meetings you might like:

Sundays @7:00 PM
The New Fix
South King County Alano Club
1317 Harvey Road
Auburn, Washington 98002
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Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Never Alone
Recovery Garage
230 1st Street Northeast
Auburn, Washington 98002
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Saturdays @6:30 PM
Our Primary Purpose
Brooklake Community Church
629 South 356th Street
Federal Way, Washington 98003
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SMART Recovery

Almost everyone knows about AA and NA. But, not as many people know about SMART Recovery. Because this is a newer, slightly less popular program, many addicts don’t realize that it’s an option. 

SMART Recovery is similar to Anonymous programs. It holds free group support sessions that are open to anyone who wants to attend. In these sessions, members get together to discuss their experiences, much like they would in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. 

This program differs from NA and AA in the sense that it does not use the Twelve Steps. Instead, members work through the “4-Points” of SMART Recovery. These points help participants to identify their negative behaviors. They also help to live a conscious, more mindful lifestyle. 

A lot of people prefer SMART Recovery over other options. If you find that the Twelve Steps don’t work for you, it may benefit you to try this program.

While there aren’t any SMART meetings in Federal Way, there are many in nearby towns. Here are a few that happen in the area:

Tuesdays @5:15 PM
Tacoma Rainbow Center
2215 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, Washington 98402
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Tuesdays @6:00 PM
Sumner SMART
Calvary Community Church
15116 Gary Street East
Sumner, Washington 98390
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Al-Anon is a support group for people that are related to addicts. It’s open to parents, spouses, children, friends, and anyone else whose life is affected by someone else’s addiction. 

Loving an addict is not easy. It hurts to stand by as someone we love destroys their life with drugs and alcohol. We worry about their safety. We get angry at their selfishness. And we pray that they will change, even when it seems like they won’t. 

Over time, these feelings get overwhelming. We start to feel isolated and alone. It may seem like no one could ever understand what we’re going through. 

It’s important for family members to realize that they aren’t alone. There are millions of other people who happen to love an addicted person. Al-Anon provides a place for these people to get together and talk.

If someone else’s addiction is negatively affecting your life, Al-Anon could be the resource you need. Here are a few meetings in the region:

Mondays @10:30 AM
Monday Morning Jump State AFG
Zion Lutheran Church
1305 17th Street Southeast
Auburn, WA 98002
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Wednesdays @10:30 AM
Wednesday Morning Sunshine AFG
Light of Christ Lutheran Church
2400 Southwest 344th Street
Federal Way, Washington 98023
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Saturdays @9:00 AM
Changing Attitudes AFG
Wayside Church of Christ
2000 Southwest Dash Point Road
Federal Way, Washington 98023
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Ready to turn your life around? We can provide the treatment services you need to get your life back in order. 

Evergreen at Northpoint is a high-end addiction treatment center in Bellevue, WA. We provide detox services and an intensive outpatient rehab program. We develop a personalized, evidence-based treatment routine for every single patient. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to get help, call us today. We’ll hold your hand as you take the first steps toward a new life. 

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