Northpoint the Evergreen Staff

Executive Team

Photo of John Flanagan
John Flanagan


Photo of TJ Sturges, CPA, MA
TJ Sturges, CPA, MA

Corporate Director of Finance

Photo of Casey B, MS
Casey B, MS

Corporate Director HR

Management Team

Photo of Evan B
Evan B

Admissions Supervisor

Photo of Amy H
Amy H

Utilization Review Manager

Photo of Jamie B
Jamie B

Director of Human Resources Washington Market

Photo of Kelly M
Kelly M

Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy

Photo of Cooper Lyons
Cooper Lyons

Director of Alumni Services

Photo of Bret Q
Bret Q

Patient Account Supervisor

Clinical Staff

Photo of Brian S, MD
Brian S, MD

Medical Director, Washington

Photo of Darren B
Darren B

Clinical Supervisor

Photo of Jamie G, LMHC
Jamie G, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Photo of Patricia D
Patricia D


Photo of Nadia A
Nadia A


Office and Administrative Staff

Photo of Sharon F, BSW, CDP
Sharon F, BSW, CDP

Administrator of Outpatient Services

Photo of Susan Cherry
Susan Cherry

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Erika P
Erika P

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Photo of Lauren H
Lauren H

Sr. Recruiter

Photo of Jamie B
Jamie B

Human Resources Business Partner

Photo of Tucker B
Tucker B

Alumni Coordinator

Photo of Whitney M
Whitney M

Assistant Director of Operations & HIPAA Compliance Officer

Photo of Christopher F
Christopher F


Photo of Sean M
Sean M


Photo of Ben H
Ben H


Photo of Amanda A
Amanda A


Photo of Zach P
Zach P


Photo of Levi S
Levi S


Photo of Mike S
Mike S


Photo of Michael C
Michael C


Photo of Emma W
Emma W

Patient Account Specialist

Photo of Tanner S
Tanner S


Photo of Jennifer R
Jennifer R

Payroll Specialist

Photo of Linnea O
Linnea O

Administrative Supervisor