Evergreen at NorthPoint Staff

Photo of Benjamin Seymour

Benjamin Seymour, CADC

Founder & CEO

With 17 years of experience working in the addiction field, Ben has provided intervention, addiction counseling and other recovery services all over the United States. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, television programming and other media venues to share his insight into addiction. He sites his own struggles with drugs and alcohol as the motivating factor behind his work. After enduring detox centers and multiple treatment centers, Ben learned first hand what works and what does not. He expresses a deep gratitude for the years he has been clean and sober.

After successfully co-founding a national intervention firm, Ben has now focused his attention on helping people in the community where he lives. "Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. People with careers, parents with children, teens, professionals and students have problems with addiction as well. It is time we face this reality and give them the treatment they need. We hope to help people before they get arrested, lose their families or worse."

Ben has gone to great lengths to create the best clinical team possible, stemming from various clinical backgrounds. This enables The Evergreen at NorthPoint to take seemingly complicated clients and dissect their barriers to recovery, health and the ability to thrive. Addiction and alcoholism are often accompanied by co-occurring mood disorders and emotional disturbances. Ben and his team truly understand how these disorders interact and how to treat them.

Photo of Robert Castan

Robert Castan


In 2010, after finding his own recovery, Robert dedicated his life to helping others find freedom from addiction. Since then, he has created innovative, and successful addiction treatment programs, across the Western US. Robert has extensive experience with marketing, brand management, web development and intake coordination.

In 2014 Robert co-founded Northpoint Recovery in Boise, Idaho. From Northpoint’s inception, Robert oversaw the facility layout, marketing campaigns and key team development. With Northpoint’s growth and success, Robert assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer. Today he is responsible for supervising daily operations of the administrative, marketing and intake teams, as well as; assisting in key growth initiatives.

“I am extremely proud of what we have created at Northpoint Recovery, we get to do something we love and help people change their lives.” Robert’s vision and determination are evident throughout Northpoint’s services.

Photo of Jerome F. Walters

Jerome F. Walters


The Evergreen at NorthPoint Recovery represents the perfect culmination of Jerome's skills, experience and passions. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Washington, Jerome is a CDP experienced counseling patients in hospitals, residential and outpatient facilities. His specialties include (combat) trauma, CBT, life coaching and the spirituality. Jerome is a strong advocate for effective 12-Step treatment delivered with care, compassion and dignity. Jerome's experience includes heading hospital-based addiction centers, multi-site state outpatient programs and nonprofit, community-based addiction housing units.

Photo of Christopher Gloor

Christopher Gloor, CDP

Primary Counselor

Christopher is credentialed as a CDP (Chemical Dependency Counselor). Chris has an extensive 12 year history as a counselor treating individuals with addiction/behavioral related issues. Chris is passionate about the work he does with individuals and has acquired not only counseling experience as a professional, but has also established a personal philosophy for “being of service” to the clients he serves. Chris has worked extensively in residential treatment, outpatient, as well as in the court system with a number of addiction related modalities. He understands that a firm foundation in the 12 steps, coupled with the tools necessary to confront and address irrational thoughts and behaviors, is the cornerstone to achieving sustained recovery and a better life. Chris himself is a member of the Tacoma, Washington recovery community and an example of success with over a decade in recovery. He resides locally in the Tacoma area with his family.

Photo of Diane V. Miller

Diane V. Miller, LMHC, CDP

Primary Counselor

Diane is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Chemical Dependency Professional. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has demonstrated successful outcomes in addressingsources of addiction through dual-diagnosis treatment. Diane is excited to continue her passion for this work as part of the team at The Evergreen at NorthPoint.

Photo of Kesha Anderson–Evans

Kesha Anderson–Evans, MBA

Administrative Supervisor

Kesha has over 11 years of healthcare experience with a background in administration and business operations management. She has degrees in Health Administration and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Kesha‘s background includes supporting hospitals, mental health and wellness clinics, in addition to recovery centers. Kesha has also worked extensively with aging adults, as well as undeserved and vulnerable populations. Kesha is passionate about supporting, encouraging, and empowering others to improve their quality of life, whether personally or professionally. Kesha has also served as a Medical Administrative Assistant Instructor for PIMA Medical Institute in Seattle. Kesha is excited to be a part of NorthPoint Recovery and believes that every day is an opportunity to change someone’s life.

Photo of Levi Severns

Levi Severns

Admissions Coordinator

Hi my name is Levi and I am the youngest of three boys. I grew up in a small town - the kind that has more antique stores than stoplights and grocery stores. I have always had a passion for helping people for as long as I can remember. After completing high school, I went into the dental field. I worked in the field for nearly 10 years helping others with their dental needs. In 2012, I reached out for help to get sober because I didn’t want my daughter growing up with a drunk daddy. It was never my intention to find a career in substance abuse, as I always felt it was such a cliché. The one thing I have found in my life is that like getting sober at 30, and finding a profession in substance abuse, has not always my plan but it doesn’t mean it’s not the right plan. Not only is it my job to help people find treatment but it is a privilege, as well.

Susan Cherry

Clinical Outreach Specialist

Since 2000, Susan has worked in all areas of addiction services. She is known for her passion for recovery and her ability to motivate and assist patients, and their loved ones, with placement in a treatment facility that fits their specific needs. Susan can also provide intervention services, transportation, specialty services and local community resources.

Photo of Steve Laats

Steve Laats

Vice President of Marketing

Prior to joining Northpoint Recovery, Steve had been part of large corporations for the past 16 years. Since joining Northpoint Recovery, Steve is truly able to combine his learned skill set with his true passion, helping people effected by the disease of addiction. He is driven to help Northpoint Recovery reach as many people as possible find relief from their addiction.

James Pickrell

Director of Admissions

James possesses a unique passion and talent for helping anyone affected by the disease of addiction. As the director of admissions, James spends hours listening and coaching families struggling to find hope. If you or your loved one are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, James brings a sincere understanding and passion for making help available to those in need of it. He possesses a sincere and empathetic approach to anyone struggling with this disease as a result of his own personal experience recovering from addiction. James takes great pride in his role at NorthPoint Recovery, and is truly an asset to our team.

Teresa McClure, LPC, ACADC

Program Director

Teresa McClure is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Advanced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She brings to the NorthPoint Recovery team her strong ability to connect with her clients and their families. She has a strong background working with mental health and co-occurring disorders, as well as addiction. Teresa graduated from Northwest Nazarene University with a Masters Degree in Counseling.

Photo of Julia Holmes

Julia Holmes

Julia comes to us from Arizona, where she was born and raised. In 2014 she was offered the opportunity to move to Boise to help open Northpoint, and has been with us since inception. She graduated from University of Arizona in 2008 with a BA in political science, and is currently pursuing her Masters in public health. Working in the substance abuse industry for over four years, she had the opportunity to explore various positions before landing in the billing department. Her favorite part about working as Director of Billing for Northpoint is the ability to offer flexible payment plans to patients.

Photo of Victoria Bright

Victoria Bright

Operations Manager

Victoria moved to Boise in 2015 by way of California. She comes to us with more than 10 years’ experience working in healthcare administration and management. As operations manager, she works to ensure operations run smoothly across all facilities. This includes managing support staff and staying on top of supply and maintenance needs for each facility. Her top priority is to ensure operational aspects are sound, so that patient care is always the main focus of each facility. She is an alumna of Upper Iowa University, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services.