MultiPlan Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Evergreen at Northpoint accepts MultiPlan Insurance for drug and alcohol recovery treatment. When it comes to getting addiction treatment, MultiPlan Health Insurance is a company that offers a lot of benefits to their customers. A lot of people are not aware that their insurance companies will actually help to cover the cost of rehab and other services they may need. When they find out that going to drug and alcohol treatment can actually be affordable for them, they are shocked.

For an addict, knowing that they have an addiction is difficult enough without the added stress of how to pay for treatment. It can help to have a better understanding of some of the terms that insurance companies use, as well as how they work. That is what we would like to talk about here today.

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Choosing a Provider for Addiction Treatment with MultiPlan Insurance

Once someone realizes that they are suffering from an addiction, the very first step is to decide to get help. That is something that might take months, or even years to do. But once that decision has been made, a provider has to be chosen.

A quick search will uncover untold amounts of providers for addiction treatment. But how does one know which to choose, and which will be the most beneficial for them? There are a few characteristics to consider, but one of the most important ones is opting for an in-network provider rather than an out of network provider.

An in-network provider is one that has made an agreement with your insurance company. They have partnered together with the common goal of helping you recover from your addiction. The insurance company will pay the provider directly, and you may be responsible for a copay or a co-insurance amount. In most cases, both of these are very small.

Choosing an in-network provider makes getting treatment much more affordable for people. On the other hand, choosing an out of network provider is where the costs of recovery start to increase dramatically.

For people who choose an out of network provider, they generally are required to pay for their services up front. They may be given an invoice that they can then submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. But the issue is that reimbursement rates tend to be rather low, and there may be a significant waiting period before people get any money back.

Everyone’s health insurance coverage is different when it comes to getting addiction treatment. That is because there is such a wide variety of plans available. Some people will find that MultiPlan will cover the entire cost of their rehab stay. Others may have to pay a copay or a co-insurance amount. But as we mentioned earlier, any amount the patient is responsible for should be fairly low.

At MultiPlan, they want to make sure that people get the type of treatment they need to recover. They understand that in order to do that, the services they get need to be affordable. That is exactly what they aim to provide.

Insurance policies can be difficult to understand because of the way they are written. Fortunately, professional addiction treatment specialists can help those who have MultiPlan so that they can maximize their benefits.

The Affordable Care Act Makes it Possible to Recover from Addiction

Up until The Affordable Care Act was passed, it was rare to find health insurance companies that paid for addiction treatment. Some did, but most of them only paid minimal amounts, or they did not offer any type of coverage. When the ACA became law, all of that changed.

Because of the ACA, health insurance companies are now required to offer benefits to help cover the cost of drug and alcohol treatment. This applies even if the person has been an addict for a long time; even before the insurance was obtained.

A lot of people do not realize that these stipulations are in place, even though the ACA has been law since 2010. Once they realize that they have coverage, they tend to be shocked and eager to get the help they need to recover.

Thanks to The Affordable Care Act, more people than ever before are able to get the help they need for their substance abuse problems. This new healthcare law truly changed our country, and it helped more people than we realize.

MultiPlan Insurance Offers Coverage for All Types of Addictions

Some people are worried that the type of addiction treatment they need will not be covered by their insurance. This is a very real concern, but it is one that is actually unfounded.

MultiPlan Insurance for Rehab

MultiPlan does not differentiate based on the type of addiction someone is struggling with. They offer the same type of coverage, regardless of what the substance abuse problem is. That means that anyone can get treatment without having the fear that the insurance company will not pay.

MultiPlan’s benefits will cover:

There are so many different types of addictions that it is impossible to name them all. Just know that if the issue is an actual substance abuse problem that needs to be treated, it can be covered.

Rehabilitation Services Covered Under MultiPlan Health Insurance

It is important to understand the different types of treatment that are available and the type of coverage that MultiPlan offers. The reality is that not every form of treatment is right for each person. Some people do really well in an inpatient setting, whereas others cannot make that commitment. Fortunately, MultiPlan Health Insurance can assist with paying for the right method of care based on a person’s individual needs.

Inpatient treatment is one of the most commonly utilized services people turn to for help with recovery. It is one of the most intensive, and a lot of people find that they need a higher level of care to be successful.

MultiPlan understands the value of inpatient rehab, which is why they have listed it as one of their covered services. Again, based on the individual’s plan, it might not be covered in full. But any money that a person might need to pay out of pocket should be minimal.

Many of the insurance plans that MultiPlan offers provide even better benefits and coverage for intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs. That is because the overall payment for these services is much smaller.

IOPs are actually just as effective as inpatient treatment, in most cases. They allow people to continue to live at home while they get the care they need. This is a benefit that a lot of people appreciate, and MultiPlan is there to help them take advantage of this service.

A lot of people consider drug and alcohol detox to be an add-on service that they may not really need. Because they feel this way, they are surprised to find that MultiPlan has included this form of treatment in their list of benefits.

The truth is that for many types of addictions, detoxing is required before any other type of treatment can be sought. This often worries people because they fear that they will not be able to pay for the help they really need.

The fact that MultiPlan offers this type of coverage should set a lot of people’s minds at ease. They can still get the treatment they need without worrying that it might cause a financial hardship in the process.

Will MultiPlan Insurance Pay for Medical Detox?

Most people who need to go through detox will need medical detox services. This means that they will be given medications to help them with their withdrawal symptoms. This should only be done in an inpatient setting because of the risk of complications.

In many cases, medications are an absolute necessity to keep people safe and help them recovery successfully. At MultiPlan, they understand that, and they encourage the use of medical detoxification programs. Studies have proven them to be effective, which is why it is covered under their health insurance plans.

Your MultiPlan Health Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

All too often, people go through the detoxification process, and then they skip the rehabilitation process. This is only to their detriment, because it usually results in people relapsing back to drug or alcohol abuse.

MultiPlan Health Insurance offers coverage to help people pay for both drug and alcohol rehab. Many people may find that their plans cover it in full, and others may have to contribute a small amount for their treatment.

The type of treatment that is offered during rehab is much different than what is offered during detox. People have the opportunity to meet with a therapist and receive other forms of help as well.

All too often, people believe that when they want to stop drinking, they can just quit. If they obtain any support at all, they attend AA meetings. While this is good, this is not the best way to stop consuming alcohol at unhealthy levels.

Treating alcoholism generally involves some time spent in alcohol detox, and then in rehab. The withdrawal symptoms for alcohol can be very hard to cope with. In some cases, they can even become life threatening. The risks are minimized when a person detoxes first.

Afterwards, patients need to go through rehab to determine the cause of their addictions. Once the cause is known, it can be treated, which can result in a higher chance of success.

The same is true for people with drug addictions. Depending on the type of drug they are addicted to, they may need to go through detox first. After a short period of time, they will be ready to move on to a quality rehabilitation program.

Many people with drug addictions suffer from co-occurring disorders, which are mental health issues that led them to use. By addressing these conditions in therapy, most people experience better outcomes.

Everyone who goes through drug and alcohol treatment needs to have a referral for the appropriate type of aftercare. Following up and continuing to work on recovering is a critical part of the healing process.

MultiPlan offers benefits to help cover this as well. For instance, if a person needs to go to inpatient treatment, their insurance company will also pay for their follow-up care. They may even pay at a higher rate and cover it all.

What is the Best Way to Start Treatment?

The best way for a person to begin treatment when they have MultiPlan health insurance is to first, determine the type of help they need. We offer free addiction assessments over the phone, which is very convenient. The individual only needs to get in touch with us, and we can help them figure out what type of care would be a good fit.

Once that is done, their health insurance benefits can be verified. This process allows the staff to maximize their benefits as much as possible.

Contacting MultiPlan Health Insurance

Anyone who desires to contact MultiPlan can do so easily. Their contact information is as follows:

Call: (888) 342-7427
Write: MultiPlan, Inc. 115 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10003

Northpoint the Evergreen

Your Recovery is Important and MultiPlan Insurance Can Help

MultiPlan is a great company, and here at Northpoint the Evergreen, we are proud to partner with them as an in-network provider.

Do you have questions about your benefits through MultiPlan or our treatment programs? We are here to help you any time. Please contact us right away.

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