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ComPshych Health Insurance is in-network with Evergreen at Northpoint to cover addiction treatment.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are dangerous diseases. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 70,000 Americans died of an overdose in 2017 alone.

ComPsych helps their members get the addiction treatment they need. By seeking professional help, addicts are able to bring an end to their habit before it causes disastrous effects.

This article discusses everything that one needs to know about ComPsych. It talks about what the company does and how it helps addicts. It also discusses some broader issues like the cost of addiction treatment and free/low-cost rehab options.

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What is ComPsych Health Insurance?

This is a healthcare company that was founded by Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz. He was a doctor who cared deeply about mental health. So, he established the organization. This organization helps people who suffer from mental health problems to get the treatment they needed. 

As a disease of the brain, addiction is considered a mental health issue. So, ComPsych insurance plans cover addiction treatment for people who need it. 

Thus, the insurance provider is quite popular within the addiction community. People who suffer from a history of addiction enjoy the fact that ComPsych covers the cost of detox, rehab, addiction medication, and other related services. 

In-Network Insurance and Out-of-Network Insurance: What’s the Difference?

All addiction treatment centers have their own insurance “network”. A company’s network is made up of the insurance carriers that they work with. 

For example, if an addict has ComPsych insurance, they may only be able to attend treatment facilities who have a contract with ComPsych. This contract is essentially an agreement that outlines a fixed rate that the provider pays for every patient who seeks treatment. 

This agreement allows addicts who carry certain plans to attend rehab for free. Sometimes, they may have to pay a small fee or deductible if the provider only covers a certain percentage of treatment costs. 

If the treatment center does not have a contract with a certain provider, the insurance company is considered out-of-network. The people who subscribe to that company’s insurance plan may not be able to attend. 

And, if they do attend, they may pay the full, out-of-network price rather than the in-network price. Thus, rehab could be a lot more expensive for them. 

ComPsych is one of the many insurance providers who are in the Evergreen at Northpoint network. 

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How Does ComPsych Insurance Work?

ComPsych plans work similarly to those offered by other providers. Members sign up for insurance and elect their services. When a patient selects a service, the company pays for that service whenever the customer uses it. 

ComPsych Insurance for Rehab

For example, if a member wants coverage for inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment, they’ll elect it in their plan. Then, if they ever need to attend drug detox or rehab, the company will cover the cost. 

Most members receive ComPsych coverage through their employers. The employer company deducts a certain amount of money from each paycheck and uses it to pay for coverage. Typically, the employer also contributes a percentage of money to keep their employees healthy.

If a ComPsych customer wants to attend detox or rehab, they have to follow a specific process. Typically, that process goes like this: 

Doctor diagnosis 

In order for ComPsych to pay for rehab or detox, the patient gets a diagnosis from a doctor. The insurance company wants to know that a licensed professional thinks that addiction treatment is the proper solution. So, the patient meets with a doctor. The doctor diagnoses them with addiction disorder and prescribes an appropriate treatment. 

Patient referral 

If the doctor decides that detox and rehab are the proper treatment, they’ll contact ComPsych. They’ll also submit an authorization form that states their diagnosis and treatment prescription. In some cases, they may suggest a particular treatment facility. 

Treatment center selection 

If the doctor doesn’t choose a treatment facility themselves, it’s up to the patient and healthcare provider to pick one. The patient then browses through the ComPsych network catalog and finds a facility that works best for them. 

Enrollment and treatment 

After the addict and provider select a facility, the patient enrolls in the program. Typically, they’ll call the program and let a representative know that they want to attend treatment. All three parties work together to schedule an enrollment date. The patient reports to the facility on the enrollment date to begin treatment. 

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How Much Does ComPsych Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance fluctuates in every plan. Members elect a pre-built plan or choose services on an a la carte basis. Then, they pay accordingly. The more services covered, the higher the bill is likely to be. 

But, because ComPsych is an employer-based plan, the price also depends on the company a person works for. ComPsych works with the employer to negotiate a fair price for the employees. This price looks different in every situation, so it’s hard to determine exactly what one should expect to pay.

Some plans cover very few services but have a low deductible. Those who enroll in these plans don’t pay a high annual fee. But, if they ever need to use the insurance, they’ll pay much more. 

Other plans have a high deductible and cover far more services. Those who enroll in one of these plans will pay a fair amount of money up front but won’t have to pay a lot when they seek treatment. 

If you’re wondering about the cost of your plan or want to learn about other options, you should reach out to your employer’s Human Resources department. Or, you could try contacting ComPsych directly.

In the field of healthcare, the term “deductible” is used to describe the annual fee that subscribers pay. Some plans, known as  high-deductible health plans (HDHP), cost upwards of $6,000 for a single person or $13,500 for a family. 

Luckily, ComPsych is not a high-deductible plan. It’s relatively inexpensive. Their Employee Assistance Program (EAP), for example, has a $0 base deductible. The plan increases with each service elected by the member.

“Co-payment” is the term that describes the amount a customer pays when they seek treatment. Usually, patients are billed via mail or e-mail after they receive treatment services. The customer then pays this amount by credit or debit card. 

The co-payment amount is determined by the provider. Each service has a different co-payment amount. Typically, the amount is equal to the difference between the amount charged by the treatment facility and the percentage covered by the insurance provider. 

For example, if a ComPsych covers 90% of the cost of addiction treatment, the patient is required to pay the remaining 10%. They’ll receive a bill in the mail and are responsible for paying it within a timely manner. 

Some addiction treatment facilities like Evergreen at Northpoint offer monthly payment plans that allow patients to pay for their co-payments over a long period of time.

ComPsych Covers Drug Addiction Treatment

This insurance provider is popular within the recovery community. This is largely due to the fact that they specialize in providing assistance to people with a history of substance abuse. 

The company covers a variety of different addictions. Some of the addictions they cover treatment for include: 

For the most part, ComPsych covers every substance abuse problem out there. If a member can’t stop using a substance and their habit has negative effects in their life, the insurance provider will pay for treatment at an in-network facility. As long as a doctor refers the patient for treatment, the company cover drug detox, rehab, and other services.

As it was explained above, ComPsych doesn’t cover 100% of the cost for every patient. Some patients may have to pay a portion of the bill. Ultimately, it depends on which plan they enroll in and which services they elect for coverage.

Treatment for Patients with Co-Occurring Conditions

A lot of addicts suffer from mental health issues in addition to substance abuse disorder. These addicts have “co-occurring disorders”. Addicts who suffer from co-occurring disorders receive a dual diagnosis, which grants them treatment for both conditions. 

Treating a dual diagnosis is somewhat difficult. If an addict also suffers from anxiety or depression, they may not be able to quit drugs entirely because they depend on medication to function. And, their mental health could trigger a relapse. 

So, their treatment requires the close supervision of a doctor. They must work closely with a professional to find a balance between responsible medication use and substance abuse. 

As a company that specializes in mental and behavioral health, ComPsych helps addicts to get treatment for co-occurring disorders. 

Some of the most commonly treated dual diagnoses include a drug addiction problem in combination with: 

If a patient is diagnosed with co-occurring disorders, their doctor refers them to a treatment facility that’s capable of providing the help they need.

Are Detox and Rehab Expensive?

Many addicts avoid treatment because they’re worried about the cost. But, although drug rehab and detox are expensive in some cases, they don’t have to be. 

There are many free and low-cost rehab programs in Washington and other states. And, even those who charge high tuition offer payment plans to help their patients cover the cost. 

Additionally, healthcare companies like ComPsych work hard to make addiction treatment affordable. They work with facilities like Evergreen at Northpoint to help people get the treatment they need. 

According to research published by The National Council for Behavioral Health, only 11.2% of addicts seek out professional treatment. This statistic is quite frightening, considering that there are more than 22.6 million drug addicts and alcoholics nationwide. 

So, those who suffer from addiction should never forgo treatment due to the cost. There are plenty of ways to pay for it and addicts should always seek help whenever necessary.

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