6 Degrees Health Insurance and Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Evergreen at Northpoint takes 6 Degrees Health Insurance for drug and alcohol recovery treatment. For someone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the prospect of getting treatment seems daunting. Fortunately, anyone who is a customer of 6 Degrees Health has nothing to worry about. They offer excellent insurance coverage to help erase any financial concerns. This paves the way for more people to get the help they need than ever before.

Still, people often have a lot of questions about their health insurance coverage when it comes to addiction treatment. They wonder:

  • How much will my insurance company cover for treatment?
  • Does it matter what type of addiction I have?
  • What type of programs does my insurance cover?
  • Will I be able to get follow-up care?
  • What will happen if I relapse?

These and so many other questions can all be answered. At Northpoint the Evergreen, we are proud to be partners with 6 Degrees Health. Because of that partnership, we are able to assist even more people in reaching their goals of getting clean and sober.

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6 Degrees Health and The Affordable Care Act

Prior to 2010, there were many health insurance companies that did not offer any type of coverage for addiction treatment. Some did, but the majority of people had to pay for it out of pocket. This was problematic, and it resulted in a lot of people needing to take alternate measures. Some of them attempted to quit on their own (many without success), and others tried to find other ways to pay for treatment.

Fortunately, The Affordable Care Act (ACA) took care of this problem. It is because of this new healthcare law that more people than ever are able to get the help they need. The ACA makes it mandatory for health insurance companies to offer benefits to help cover the cost of addiction treatment. This applies even if the person has been using for years, and has what some would call, a pre-existing condition.

The ACA has saved an undoubtedly high number of lives all over the United States. It is very fortunate that this law is in place.

How Much Does 6 Degrees Health Cover for Addiction Treatment?

It is difficult to say how much coverage 6 Degrees Health offers for addiction treatment. They cover a wide range of services, and everyone’s addictions are so unique and personal. Also, they offer many different plans, and so, coverage and benefits will depend largely on the type of plan a person has. But there is one more factor to consider. Customers with 6 Degrees Health will most likely find that it is financially better for them to choose an in-network provider rather than an out of network provider.

An in-network provider is one that has a contract in place with an insurance company. That contract states how much they will pay in exchange for certain services. The provider agrees, and they may bill the patient a copay or co-insurance amount. In many cases, in-network providers are even covered in full. That leaves those patients with absolutely nothing to pay out of pocket.

When a patient chooses an out of network provider, their financial responsibility increases. The provider is not permitted to bill the insurance company for payment. That means that the patient has to cover those costs up front. They are then given an invoice to submit to their health insurance company independently.

6 Degrees Health has various rules regarding out of network providers, and it is important to know what they are. They will reimburse their customers up to certain amounts. But the reimbursement may take a long time, or it may be much less than what was expected.

Health Insurance Coverage Facts

People typically have a lot of questions about their health insurance companies. Customers of 6 Degrees Health are no different. It is important to know the facts prior to getting any further information about treatment.

6 Degrees Insurance for Rehab

Types of Addiction Recovery Programs They Cover

At 6 Degrees Health, they are well aware of all the different types of addiction treatment programs that are available. They also know that what works for one person might not work as well for another. People all have different needs when it comes to getting help with recovering, and they have taken that into consideration.

There are many different ways to recover from an addiction, and 6 Degrees Health offers benefits that can be used for all of them.

Inpatient rehab is undoubtedly the most popular form of addiction recovery. Some view it as the “gold standard” of treatment, and there are those who certainly need the higher level of care that it offers. Inpatient programs usually run for about 28 days or so, and they often include detoxification services.

6 Degrees Health does offer coverage for those who need inpatient care. They may find that they need to pay something for co-insurance or even cover a copay. But these amounts should be fairly small.

Outpatient programs such as intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) have grown incredibly over the last few years. That is because now more than ever, people need the type of flexibility that these programs offer.

When a patient chooses to attend an IOP, they often live at home and go to treatment during the evening hours. This drastically cuts down on the cost of their care, which is good in many ways. Customers of 6 Degrees Health may find that they offer even better benefits for people who choose IOPs. They are definitely much more affordable, and can be just as effective as more intensive forms of treatment, such as inpatient care.

For many people, drug and alcohol detox is a very important part of the recovery process. In fact, many rehab programs insist that people go through the detoxification process prior to starting treatment. This is because there are some types of drugs that are just too dangerous to stop all at once.

For many people, medical detox is an absolute necessity when stopping the use of certain substances. For example, people who are addicted to opioids or alcohol will need this type of treatment. It allows them to take medications to help them with their withdrawal symptoms.

Vivitrol is a medication that has recently been revered because of the way it has helped people recover from alcoholism and opioid addiction. This type of service is also covered under 6 Degrees Health.

For someone who is in need of long-term treatment, their needs are very unique. For them, an IOP or even an inpatient program will not offer enough support. They need to change their living environment and attend treatment at the same time.

6 Degrees Health understands that this form of treatment is necessary for many people. They offer coverage to fit their needs, which may involve a sober living home and outpatient rehab.

One of the biggest concerns people have is that they will exhaust all of their benefits during rehab. They know the importance of getting adequate follow-up care in order to stay clean and sober. But they do not know how they will cover the cost of it.

There is no need to worry about this at all. Customers of 6 Degrees Health will find that they also have benefits for their aftercare. In fact, because this type of treatment is considered less intensive, they may find that it is covered in full.

Types of Addictions 6 Degrees Health Offers Benefits to Cover

Another concern that people often voice is worrying about whether their type of addiction is covered by their insurance. They may be concerned that because the substance they use is illegal, it will not be covered at all. This is an unfounded fear.

At 6 Degrees Health, they know that every addiction is valid, and a disease that needs to be treated. The best way to do that is through detox and rehab that is targeted to meet their unique needs.

Quite often, alcoholics believe that all they need to do to get sober is to stop drinking and start going to AA meetings. That sounds like it might work, and it makes sense until one digs a little deeper. The reality is that recovering from alcoholism can be very dangerous, or even life threatening.

As we mentioned earlier, alcohol addiction is a disease. It requires ongoing treatment that should involve both detox and rehab. This will cut down on the risk of complications and help people get to the root cause of their problem.

Likewise, drug addiction often requires attendance at both detox and rehab in order for treatment to be successful. So many people suffer from co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed before they can recover. The right rehabilitation program can make this possible.

Ignoring either detox or rehab could be detrimental for someone with a drug addiction. It is important to heed all of the recommendations to give one’s self the best possible chance of recovering successfully.

What Happens if a Person Relapses?

One of the best parts about going to drug and alcohol rehab is learning how to prevent a relapse. Still, even with the best instruction and the best plans, people often do go back to using again. When they do, it is important to determine the proper steps to take.

Some people will relapse so severely that they need to go back into treatment. These are taken on a case by case basis, but 6 Degrees Health understands that relapsing is a part of the recovery process. There are still benefits available to help cover the cost of treatment.

For others, they may just need to make some slight changes to their outpatient treatment programs after a relapse. If this is the case, staff members should work with them and their insurance company to keep their costs as low as possible.

How to Begin Addiction Treatment Right Away

The first step in starting treatment right away is to determine the best course of action to take. This often involves contacting a rehabilitation program and getting a free addiction assessment. This can usually be done right over the phone. The individual will talk with a specialist to find out which type of treatment is right for them. Once that is done, the next step is to verify the insurance.

Verifying insurance is more than just making sure that a policy is in place and valid. It involves utilizing all of the benefits a person has coming to them. Many times, addiction treatment specialists are able to maximize patient benefits to leave them very little to pay out of pocket.

Contact Information for 6 Degrees Health

Contacting 6 Degrees Health is very easy. Their contact information is as follows:

By phone: (888) 615-6398 or (503) 640-9933
My mail: 6 Degrees Health, 5800 NE Pinefarm Ct., Suite 200, Hillsboro, OR 97124
By email: info@6degreeshealth.com

Northpoint the Evergreen

Recovery is Possible for 6 Degrees Health Insurance Customers

It can be very scary to think about the idea of recovering from an addiction. The very thought is something that a lot of people run away from for a long time. They cannot imagine their lives without substances, yet they desire to be free. As a customer of 6 Degrees Health, that freedom is within reach.

At Northpoint the Evergreen, it is a pleasure for us to partner with 6 Degrees Health to provide their customers with the services they need. Our IOP program is one of the best in the state, and we are eager to help you reach your recovery goals.

Do you have further questions about 6 Degrees Health? Please contact us today.

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