Is There Such a Thing as Free Rehab for Addiction?

Free Rehab…It’s Not Something You Plan For  

By the time many people get clean, they’re asking a very important question at the worst possible time– is there such a thing as free rehab? Unfortunately, a no-cost rehabilitation facility is not something anyone really thinks about until they are in a life or death situation. It’s not something you plan for. It’s not something you need until you really, really need it.

Usually, when people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, their addiction spirals completely out of control until one day the situation is critical. They are in need of immediate care, they want to get help, but they have run out of money, they have no insurance, or they are homeless.

This resource provides important information for people who need to get help for their drug or alcohol problem, but don’t have insurance or the funds to pay for it.

Is There Really Such a Thing as a no-Cost Rehab?

Some people have the luxury of staying at a swanky in-patient rehabilitation facility when they decide to get clean. You’ve seen commercials for these kinds of rehabs on television. They have swimming pools. They have jacuzzis. They have massages available and eggs benedict for breakfast. Either these folks have really great insurance, well-to-do families, they’re famous, or they somehow managed not to blow their entire savings on their drug of choice. They are certainly not free. Lucky these people.

Still, others may not end up in a five-star detox, but manage to do quite nicely for themselves when it comes to finding a safe place to land when it’s time to get sober. After all, when you’re looking to check yourself in somewhere to kick the dope, you realize you really don’t need a pool. Or a jacuzzi. Or a massage. You need a skilled staff of addiction experts, a clean place to lay your head and some food to eat. These places aren’t free, but they aren’t cheap either. Lucky these people too.

However; not everybody manages to come to their senses and choose sobriety while they still have luxuries……like, say, enough money to scrape together to check into a rehab somewhere. Every year, tens of thousands of addicted Americans find themselves in need of addiction treatment without two pennies to rub together.

In these cases, it’s good to know that free rehab is available for those who need it.

Free Addiction Treatment and Detox Programs Are Available Through the State

There are a number of different ways to get clean and sober for free by getting assistance from the state. This includes getting free detox, staying at an inpatient facility at no cost, free outpatient services, and other drug rehabilitation treatments that are available for free. You just have to know where to go to find them.

State-run facilities receive their funding from the state and federal government. They provide free services to those in need of addiction treatment who are low or no-income. As to be expected, there is paperwork involved in getting admitted to one of these places. You will have to prove your identity and show that you do not have the income to pay for treatment yourself. If you do have some income available to you, you may be expected to pay for a small portion of your treatment.

The hassle of the red tape is a small price to pay to get free treatment when you have an addiction. Although a state run facility will definitely not have eggs benedict for breakfast, they do offer effective treatment programs, safe and clean facilities, and free addiction services for those who want recovery.

To get started, you can call SAMSHA (the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration) at 1-800-662-HELP.

You can also search for agencies by state to get connected with a free state rehab.

Privately-Owned Rehabs Offer Free Treatment for Addiction

In addition to state rehabilitation facilities, there are also free or low-cost privately owned rehabs in your area where you can get treatment. These places are typically funded through grant money or private donations. You might be admitted for free, you might have to obtain a scholarship, or you might have to pay a small amount out of pocket.

Scholarships are available through different resources in the community, like churches or social service offices. A scholarship means that your rehab is paid for by a third-party because you can’t afford it. Quite often, certain organizations connect with privately-owned rehabs to support their mission to treat addicted people who can’t pay to get help. They are on standby to provide scholarships when they are needed.

The best way to find a free privately-owned rehab is to do some networking. Call local rehabs and ask if they have a scholarship program. Contact your local state agencies and ask if they know about any free private rehabs in the area. Reach out to the local churches and see if any of those folks know where you can go to get help.   

Faith-Based Addiction Rehabs for Free

Many people forget there are a vast selection of faith-based addiction programs available in every major city in America. The Salvation Army is one such organization. This is a largely untapped resource when it comes to free addiction treatment. The Salvation Army has more free residential treatment facilities than any rehab program in the United States.

In addition to the Salvation Army, many churches are motivated to solve the addiction problem in their communities. They attempt to do this by creating programs that will serve the addicted population in the area. This often includes the homeless, although you do not necessarily have to be homeless to benefit from these programs.

It is important to keep in mind that faith-based programs take a religious approach to the treatment of addiction. This almost always involves the study of the Bible. Many people in active addiction have a real problem with this method of treatment, so they will often shy away from these types of programs. This is unfortunate. Not all faith-based programs take a fire and brimstone approach and preach about sin and carnality. Many of them are coming from a sincere place of love and teach only about the goodness of Christ.

If you would like to get into a free rehabilitation program, perhaps you will consider pursuing a faith-based program. Most churches are connected to resources available in the community for people who need help for drug addiction with no insurance. You can call any local church and talk to someone on the phone to get more information about free faith-based treatment programs.

12 Step Programs – A Pathway to Finding a Free Rehab

Say what you will about 12-Step groups, but there’s one thing you can’t complain about – the cost. They are absolutely, 100 percent free.

Many people have attended their first 12-Step meeting only to find the program was a sufficient substitute for rehab. 12-Step programs offer fellowship to recovering addicts and alcoholics who are looking to find a daily reprieve from the disease of addiction.

12-Step programs offer some simple suggestions for recovery – don’t use or drink no matter what, attend ninety meetings in ninety days, get a sponsor, and work all 12-Steps. Millions of people have recovered from drug and alcohol addiction in the rooms of programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Marijuana Anonymous.

However; some people are simply too far gone in their addiction to recover without in-patient treatment. They need to go to a detox program and safely, medically withdraw from drugs like heroin or prescription medications. Or, someone might be hopelessly addicted to meth or crack and need to be supervised for a month while they learn to manage their cravings. Every individual situation is different. Nevertheless, 12-Step meetings are a good place to start if you are looking for a free rehab.

Many 12-steppers are connected to places in the community that offer free drug and alcohol treatment programs. These people are dedicated to staying clean and helping others stay clean. They are in the know. If there are free rehab facilities in the area, they know where they are and how to get somebody into one. If you go to a meeting and ask for help, chances are likely that you will find someone there who is willing to help you find a low-cost or no-cost rehabilitation facility you can check yourself into.

If You Need Free Treatment for Your Addiction, Find Help Now

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with addiction issues suffer most of their lives before getting help for their problem. Addiction is chronic, progressive, and fatal. This means it shows up again and again, it gets worse with time, and it ultimately ends in death if untreated.

Many people sincerely attempt recovery time after time, but experience only periodic bouts of sobriety – followed by even worse relapses. Typically, someone with a substance abuse problem tries to get sober multiple times before actually finding any lasting recovery (but not before causing a whole lot of damage in the process).

Maybe you’ve tried to get clean a number of times, only to fail. Maybe this is your first attempt at sobriety. Whatever your situation may be, if you’ve found yourself at a place in life where you need free addiction treatment, get help. Now.

You have had to be very resourceful to maintain your addiction. Just put that energy in a different direction. If you decide to be just as committed to finding a free rehabilitation facility as you have been to maintaining your addiction, there’s no doubt you will get the help you need.

Do you know anyone who has ever gotten treatment at a free rehab? Share your experience here.

Is There Such a Thing as Free Rehab for Addiction?
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