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4 11, 2017

The Power of Connection to Heal Addiction and How it Ties Into the 12 Steps

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As important is it is to support people facing addiction, many people don’t understand why they should be sympathizing with people who abuse drugs or alcohol. All too often people with addiction issues are labeled “addicts”, “users” or worse. They’re treated like outsiders, and are often told that there’s something wrong with them on [...]

9 10, 2017

Is There Such a Thing as Free Rehab for Addiction?

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Free Rehab…It’s Not Something You Plan For   By the time many people get clean, they’re asking a very important question at the worst possible time– is there such a thing as free rehab? Unfortunately, a no-cost rehabilitation facility is not something anyone really thinks about until they are in a life or death [...]

20 06, 2017

This Is What You Can Expect When Attending Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Bellevue, Washington

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Step by step: What Attending Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Bellevue is Like If you think you or a loved one has a problem with addiction, you might be wondering what entering an outpatient rehabilitation in Washington state will be like. There are some things to consider that will help you figure out the right treatment for [...]

16 06, 2017

Here’s What to Expect During Your First Twelve-Step Meeting in Washington

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What to Expect at Your First 12-Step Meeting in Washington Attending your first twelve-step meeting in Washington is nothing like how it’s portrayed in Hollywood movies. If you’ve started to feel like you have a compulsive behavior, abuse, or addiction problem, and you want to investigate further, you can attend a twelve-step meeting to be [...]

12 06, 2017

Universities in WA State That Help Students Out with Substance Abuse Struggles

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To some degree, almost every university in Washington State supports students with substance abuse problems. Some universities have full services that include everything from courses about substance abuse to individual and group therapy. Other universities will have an online list of organizations they’re associated with that are readily available to assist students with drug and [...]

8 06, 2017

Anonymous Recovery Meeting Acronyms and What They Mean

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What These 9 Anonymous Recovery Meeting Acronyms Mean Anonymous recovery meeting groups have been helping people with various addictions and behavioral problems since the late 1930’s. It began with Alcoholics Anonymous and their fundamental ideas on how to live a more fulfilling life without destructive patterns. The term “fellowship” which is used in many of [...]

24 03, 2017

Drug Rehab Levels of Care Explained

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Medical detox. Inpatient rehab. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Drug and alcohol counseling. You're poring over websites in your search for a treatment center. All the options available are overwhelming, though. What do each of these things mean? With almost 15,000 treatment centers    in the United States, there are many to [...]

20 03, 2017

5 AA and NA Misunderstandings Explained

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There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, even within the groups themselves. Especially for those court ordered to AA or NA, there may be confusion surrounding the exact intentions of the program and those who attend. Some people who come to a 12 step program for the [...]

16 02, 2017

The Power of the 12 Step Program and How it Fits Into Your Recovery

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“In all these strivings, so many of them well-intentioned, our crippling handicap had been our lack of humility. We had lacked the perspective to see that character-building and spiritual values had to come first, and that material satisfactions were not the purpose of living.” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions The Twelve Steps [...]