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30 11, 2017

The Most Common Medical Problems For Addicts

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Most people know that addiction is a major issue. But the effect of drugs on health can be startling. There are many severe medical problems for addicts. This includes psychological and physical health problems. Some of these medical problems are short-term. Others are long-term or fatal. The list of problems is truly endless. If [...]

29 11, 2017

A Review of Current Medications Used to Treat Alcoholism

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Many chronic drinkers have bemoaned, “If only I could just take a magic pill so I could stop drinking!” Thankfully, those in the medical field recognize what a cunning, baffling and powerful disease alcoholism truly is. Although modern scientists have yet to discover the highly coveted magic pill, they’re working on it. This article [...]

27 11, 2017

How to Handle the Holidays Sober and Happy

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Staying sober during the holidays isn’t always easy. Addicts with years of recovery can even struggle during these times. Holidays are considered times of joy and celebration. But some things can make these occasions difficult. The good news is that you can overcome this. In this post, you’ll discover a lot about sobriety during [...]

20 11, 2017

Vivitrol — Just as Effective as Suboxone

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According to two recent studies, Vivitrol, a once-monthly injection of naltrexone, is just as effective as daily doses of Suboxone at easing cravings during recovery from opioid addiction. During the 24-week study, Vivitrol patients relapsed into active substance use at a slightly lower rate than patients given Suboxone. These two studies – an American [...]

19 11, 2017

Shocking Life Expectancy Reduction in U.S. in the Past 15 Years – Most Likely Due to Opioid Epidemic

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Life expectancy in the U.S. is dropping, and it’s likely due to opioid poisoning. From 2000 to 2015, drug poisoning mortality more than doubled, and mortalities involving opioids reportedly tripled. The reported numbers are likely an underestimate of reality. Regular drug use results in health complication. Deaths caused by these complications are often not [...]

17 11, 2017

5 of the Most Commonly Abused Prescription Medications

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Many people would associate drug abuse with illicit substances like cocaine or heroin. But the truth is, many people are actually addicted to prescription medication. The definition of medication abuse is someone who takes prescription drugs in an incorrect way. This includes: Taking medication that you’re not prescribed Using medication in a different way [...]