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24 05, 2017

13 Great (and Sober) Outdoor Adventures Near Bellevue, WA

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In recovery, it’s about making good habits that help you sustain your sobriety. Thankfully, the Bellevue area is ripe with outdoor opportunities to get physical and stay sober. Here are just 13 ways you can increase your sense of well-being in this amazing city. 1.  Sober Fun Adventura Aerial Adventure Park Woodinville, WA Located about ten [...]

20 05, 2017

Drug Addiction Statistics in Bellevue, WA

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We’re always looking at the latest drug addiction statistics so that we have a good idea of what’s going on in Bellevue and we can be prepared for the latest drug abuse trends. The reason we do what we do at The Evergreen is because drug addiction and abuse is a serious problem in [...]

16 05, 2017

15 Ways to Work Through Resentment

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Few positive things come from acts fueled by resentment. Resentment is the soil that hatred grows in, for the loved ones of many addicts (especially children and spouses) and substance abusers it can contribute to an unhappy household. Although it may seem that recovery only has to do with the addict, it is also an [...]

8 05, 2017

Tough Love for Addicts – Why It Does and Doesn’t Work

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We’ve all heard our grandparents and maybe our parents talk about “tough love” when dealing with problematic relationships, but is this an effective intervention method for addicts? Since there’s no end-all answer when it comes to getting between a drug addict and their substance of choice, it can be easy to rely on older methods [...]

4 05, 2017

Why OCD and Drug Abuse Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder and drug addiction go hand-in-hand like many other co-occurring disorders. Treatment for each disorder depends on the other. Therefore, it’s imperative that rehabilitation centers focus on resolving both through proper management and therapy. What is a Co-Occurring Disorder and What Does It Have to Do with Addiction? According to the National Alliance on [...]

1 05, 2017

How the Practice of Mindfulness Helps in any Phase of Recovery

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Mindfulness and addiction are both mental states that affect what you focus on and how you react to things. Mindfulness is all about being aware, attentive, balanced, and focused on the present in a way that preserves unclouded judgment. So in other words, mindfulness is basically the exact opposite of addiction. Addiction keeps you focused [...]