Addiction Resources and Support in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue might just be nestled in with the ideal mix of features.

You get amenities from a world-class city like Seattle, you sit right on Lake Washington, and there's an expansive of beautiful nature just to the east. On this page, we're going to break down some of the features of addiction, and what you can do in Washington to get help for them. First, let's talk about the facts of addiction in general.

How Big a Problem is Addiction in Bellevue?

Addiction has many forms. It stems from all sorts of substances, both legal and illegal. Sometimes addiction is obvious and destructive, and sometimes it is quiet and hidden, but it is always harmful to everyone involved.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids like Oxycontin and Vicodin in 2014. Over 14,000 overdoses in 2014 alone are attributed to prescription drug abuse.

Prescription opiates make up a huge percentage of drug rehab admissions in Washington, and in fact, this is an addiction epidemic that is increasing in severity all over the country. Luckily, prescription opioid-related deaths in the King County area are at their lowest point in a decade.

But prescription painkillers are far from the only drug problem. Heroin has seen a spike in usage and treatment admissions for heroin are now are their highest levels of any drug since 1999. Meanwhile, meth-related fatalities in King County have increased 500% since 2010. And alcohol abuse continues to be the third-leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

This is an epidemic that simply must be fought.

On Alcohol Addiction in Bellevue

Alcohol is legal and easy to access, and it's easy to forget that it can be addictive. Many times, that addiction can be even more difficult to recognize than drug addiction, because the consumption of alcohol is normalized in society, whereas people are more inclined to sense a problem if they see drug use.

But alcoholism is a very real disease, and it remains the most common substance treated in rehab centers across the entire country. And in King County, there are areas where over 29% of adults are binge drinkers. Binge drinking isn't the same as alcoholism, per se, but repeat occasions of binge drinking can turn into it very quickly.

You may think you just drink to have a good time, or that you don't have a problem because you don't do the harder drugs. But if you're a frequent drinker of alcohol, and you find it increasingly difficult to feel like yourself without a few drinks, it may be time to give us a call and determine if you have a problem that needs treatment via rehab.

Here are some alcohol recovery resources around the state that might be able to help you if you're thinking about treatment.

On Drug Addiction in Bellevue and King County

While alcohol addiction is the most common singular cause for addiction treatment in Washington, it is far outpaced by the combined threat of drugs. Be it meth, heroin, prescription drugs, or another other addiction-causing substance, there's somebody in Washington that needs help with it, and there are places to help.

Drug overdose deaths continue to be a huge problem in Washington as they outpace the national average across the state.

In downtown Bellevue, there are more than 48.5 drug overdose deaths for every 100,000 people, almost four times the national average. That's not something you want to be beating the rest of the country in.

Luckily, there are several drug addiction recovery resources in King County, waiting to make a difference in somebody's life.