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About Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue

Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue aims to be the best IOP center in the Bellevue, Washington area. Find out more about us, our staff, our mission, and our goals here.

We offer accredited treatment services that give you a treatment quality comparable to what you'd find in a full-time inpatient program, but with the flexibility of an outpatient program, and at a fraction of the price.

But most importantly, we never lose sight of our true goal - helping people get their lives back. We pride ourselves on treating every patient like an individual, and developing a custom, evidence-based treatment schedule that is unique to your situation.

We believe that no two people are the same, and neither are any two addiction circumstances. So naturally, no two treatment plans should be exactly the same, either.

Our Mission

Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue is here to provide you with a clear vision of hope. Our mission is to provide a safe, helpful and supportive recovery environment that helps build the foundation for a successful future. We operate with the utmost respect for every individual that passes through our doors. Our commitment to excellence means doing good for others and engaging in innovative, empirically-based treatment. In short, our mission is to help people get their lives back and show them respect and empathy in the process.

Joint Commission Accreditation

We are proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission.

Our Services

Our IOP treatment center isn't like a normal rehab clinic. Our program allows those in our recovery program to continue their lives. You can live at home, continue going to work, stay with your family. All the while, you will receive the Northpoint Evergreen Bellevue's state-of-the-art treatment that includes:

  • The highest quality alcohol and drug rehab in the Bellevue, WA area
  • Individualized care, tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient.
  • A variety of therapy groups that focus on process, education, and art.
  • An empirically based program.
  • A brand-new, modern facility that is comfortable, inviting, and clean.
  • A holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment in Washington.

Our Vision of Hope

The vision of hope that we cultivate is based on four guiding principles: Autonomy, Integrity, Hope, and Thrive. We believe that everyone who gets treatment here can show signs of all four of these principles.

  • By eliminating their dependence on substances, people can regain their autonomy and regain control of their own lives.
  • Without the lingering temptation of addiction, people can live their lives with honor and integrity.
  • The elimination of the controlling influence of addiction lets people see the light of hope.
  • With autonomy and hope restored, people can thrive, not just as patients, but as humans successful in life.

College Scholarship

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